Cloud Tuner

Cloud Tuner 1.2.1

Posted by Brendon @BrendonPark_Jun 01, 2017Cloud Tuner, News

I've just rolled out a minor update to Cloud Tuner for all!

A minor note: anyone using Cloud Tuner prior to 1.2.1 will be unable to sync with Dropbox after the 28th of June 2017.


  • Added a cancel action to the notification during a sync.
  • Updated to Dropbox v2 integration.
  • Minor bug fixes.

In other news!

I've created my own personal site over at I'll be using it as a home for some of my minor and personal projects and little demos that I work on. Basically, anything outside of Bluhex will be posted there. You can think of it like a longer version of my twitter.

Cloud Tuner 1.2.0

Posted by Brendon @BrendonPark_Dec 23, 2016Cloud Tuner, News

With Christmas time almost here it's time for another major update to Cloud Tuner! Just like 1.1, 1.2's focus is on giving you more choices when it comes to syncing. Therefore, I'm please to announce that there's now support for artists, albums and genres. There's quite a few changes in this update so the full list is inside!

Cloud Tuner 1.1.0

Posted by Brendon @BrendonPark_Aug 30, 2016Cloud Tuner

The first major update for Cloud Tuner is now live! With version 1.1 I've added support for Google Drive and OneDrive. There's also been a significant reduction in sync times, especially on larger libraries. Along with all that there's the usual various bug fixes and improvements you might expect.

I've got quite a few more major ideas that I would like to implement, but for the time being future updates will be focused on smaller features and quality of life updates, so stick around!

Cloud Tuner 1.0.2 is out

Posted by Brendon @BrendonPark_Jul 07, 2016Cloud Tuner

Hey everyone, I've just released an update to Cloud Tuner which adds support for iTunes Smart playlists. Like the other playlists, they're read only and are only updated when you use iTunes. The new version should be rolling out over the next day.

Next priority for Cloud Tuner is Google Drive and OneDrive support. No ETA on the release as of yet.

Cloud Tuner is out now!

Posted by Brendon @BrendonPark_Jun 01, 2016Cloud Tuner

It's finally here! I'm happy to say that Cloud Tuner is now available on the Google Play Store!. For those who missed it, Cloud Tuner allows you to download your iTunes library to an Android device over an existing cloud storage service like Dropbox. I'm already working on additional support for services like Google Drive and OneDrive, but you'll have to wait a little longer for that.

This is my first foray into this type of app and I have to say that I really enjoyed building it. With all of its weird complexities that come with building a sync engine it was certainely a challenge and I haven't even gotten to some of the really hard features that I wanted to tacke yet. I'll save that discussion for another time though. For now, I'm ready to have a small break and start planning (hopefully) on both the next set of features for Cloud Tuner and other projects beyond.

Well, that's it for today. Hopefull you find Cloud Tuner to be a neat tool in bridging that gap between iTunes and Android.

Cloud Tuner - The next app

Posted by Brendon @BrendonPark_May 26, 2016Cloud Tuner

Cloud Tuner allows you to upload your iTunes library to Dropbox (or Google Drive / OneDriver soon) and download your iTunes playlists directly to your android device.

Unlike traditional cloud music services, there's no DRM, no device or download limits and your files are just as accessible offline as they are online. No more of Taylor Swift removing access to your music because she has a disagreement.