Cloud Tuner 1.2.0

Posted by Brendon @BrendonPark_Dec 23, 2016Cloud Tuner, News

With Christmas Day almost here it's time for another major update to Cloud Tuner! Just like 1.1, this update focuses on giving you more choices when it comes to syncing. With that, I'm pleased to announce that there's now support for artists, albums and genres. There's quite a few changes in this update so the full list is below!

  • Added: Artists, albums and genre syncing
  • Added: Search functionality
  • Added: List indicators now show when items are being synced
  • Setting: sync only when charging
  • Fixed: Nougat network support
  • Fixed: Sync recovery on device boot
  • Fixed: Google Drive not reporting download progress
  • Fixed: Various UI inconsistencies

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What's next?

Cloud Tuner has no reached quite a mature state over the last 6 months and I'm very happy with the current state of the app. There are one or two major updates I would still like to complete, but for now Cloud Tuner will be moving into some minor updates for the time being.