Cloud Tuner - The next app

Posted by Brendon @BrendonPark_May 26, 2016Cloud Tuner

It's been radio silent here for a while at Bluhex and I've been working on my new project, Cloud Tuner and it's out on the 1st of June.

What is it?

Cloud Tuner allows you to upload your iTunes library to Dropbox (or Google Drive / OneDriver soon) and download your iTunes playlists directly to your android device.

Unlike traditional cloud music services, there's no DRM, no device or download limits and your files are just as accessible offline as they are online. No more of Taylor Swift removing access to your music because she has a disagreement.


I've never been a fan of online streaming music services for a couple of reasons.

  • Artists can pull their music from availability for various reasons.
  • That obscure indie band or foreign music you like might not be available.
  • In some countries, like Australia, dedicating bandwidth just for streaming just isn't a feasible option.
  • I'm limited in number of downloads or number of devices I can use.

Meanwhile, existing solutions for brining my iTunes library to android had:

  • USB device discovery constantly being broken.
  • Requires phsyical access to my iTunes library whenever I want to add or remove music.

So, what now?

There's feature list an arm long that I would love to implement but this is the first version of Cloud Tuner.

If you're still intersted or want more information, the app site has just been launched over at