Refreshing the Bluhex Website

Posted by Brendon @BrendonPark_Mar 09, 2015Tech

You may have noticed a few subtle changes in the design of the Bluhex website recently and for good reason. Beneath the surface, the site has been completely rebuilt to leverage some new web technologies allowing for us to do a plethora of new things such as user accounts, forums and a few other things. We haven't flipped the switch on any of these features yet, but over the coming weeks you should notice more frequent updates as we leverage our more powerful backend tools. Among the updates, you should start seeing some posts here from Ben and Jason from our Let's Plays over on YouTube.

For those more technically interested, we've moved from an in-house Laravel CMS over to the wonderful October with a handful of custom-made plugins. Additionally, we've moved over to Bootstrap framework for the markup of the site.